The Brass Monkey Freeze Indicator

Our Brass Monkey Freeze Indicator is more than an attractive desk ornament and paperweight. When exposed overnight to below freezing temperatures, an amazing phenomenon occurs. Part of his anatomy falls off!

Modesty forbids naming exactly which part, but you are probably familiar with the expression, "cold enough to freeze the b...s off a brass monkey."

After he thaws out, his lost equipment can be reattached and he is ready to perform again.

Made of highly polished, gleaming, solid brass, each freeze indicator stands 6 inches tall and weighs an impressive 5 pounds.
$35 plus $15 shipping & handling

This comical solid brass ornament would be worth the price just as a humorous conversation piece. But this high-quality executive toy REALLY WORKS! Overnight exposure to temperatures below 23 deg Fahrenheit actually emasculates the brass monkey. For a before-and-after depiction of the effect of cold on the Brass Monkey Freeze Indicator, click here.

Each monkey comes packed with the following instructions:


The Brass Monkey Freeze Indicator (BMFI) comes in two parts. The larger of the two parts (Part A) houses the indicator mechanism, and is shaped in the form of the monkey proper. The smaller part (Part B) is the signaling device that alerts you to the fact that a hard freeze has occurred. Part B is in the form of the monkey's accoutrements.

To operate the BMFI follow these simple steps.

  1. Seat Part B into the aperture located between the two supporting structures (legs) of Part A. The BMFI is now cocked.
  2. Place the BMFI in a cold environment for at least 3 hours. How fast it works depends on how cold it is. If Part B is still attached to Part A, then the environment is probably not dangerously cold. But if Part B is detached from Part A then the environment is below 23 degrees Fahrenheit, which is cold enough to freeze the Bs off a Brass Monkey. Beware of exposing yourself to this environment -- if it can uncock the BMFI think what it might do to you.
  3. Allow the BMFI to thaw thoroughly before reseating Part B. Attempting to cock a cold monkey can result in permanent accoutrement damage.

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